The International Conference on Model Transformation (ICMT) is the premier forum for researchers and practitioners alike from all areas of model transformation.

Model transformation encompasses a variety of technical spaces, including modelware, grammarware, dataware, and ontoware, a variety of model representations, e.g., based on different types of graphs, and a variety of transformation paradigms including rule-based transformations, term rewriting, and manipulations of objects in general-purpose programming languages, to mention just a few.

The study of model transformation includes foundations, structuring mechanisms, and properties, such as modularity, composability, and parameterization of transformations, transformation languages, techniques, and tools. An important goal of the field is the development of high-level model transformation languages, providing transformations that are amenable to higher-order model transformations or tailored to specific transformation problems. To achieve impact on software engineering in general, methodologies and tools are required to integrate model transformation into existing development environments and processes.

The proceedings of ICMT’13 are available at Springer LNCS 7909. You can also access the online version of the proceedings at SpringerLink.

Authors of selected papers will be invited to submit an extension of their work to a special issue of the Journal of Object Technology (JOT). Each accepted paper requires at least one full registration to ICMT 2013.