ICMT is part of the TOOLS Federated Conferences, and more information can be found at that website. ICMT's registration is handled by the Conference Series; please be sure to tick the "ICMT" box when you register so that we have accurate numbers. Being part of the TOOLS Federated Conferences means that you can get more than just ICMT when you register: TOOLS, TAP, SC, DYLA, TWOMDE and many other events are also included.

We look forward to seeing you in Málaga!

Conference chair

Martin Gogolla

Program chair

Laurence Tratt

Publicity chairs

Dennis Wagelaar

Steering committee

Jean Bézivin
Jeff Gray
Richard Paige,
Alfonso Pierantonio
Antonio Vallecillo

Program Committee

Andreas Rummler
Andreas Winter
Andy Schürr
Antonio Cicchetti
Bernhard Rumpe
Bran Selic
Charles Consel
Daniel Varro
Davide Di Ruscio
Dimitrios Kolovos
Eelco Visser
Esperanza Marcos
Francesco Parisi-Presicce
Frédéric Jouault
Gabriele Taentzer
Gerti Kappel
Gregor Engels
Günter Kniesel
Howard Ho
Ivan Kurtev
Ivan Porres
Jens Weber
Jesús García-Molina
Jim Steel
Jon Whittle
Jordi Cabot
Kelly Androutsopoulos
Luciano Baresi
Marc Pantel
Nicolas Rouquette
Orlando Avila-Garcia
Piero Fraternali
Reiko Heckel
Stuart Kent
Thomas Kühne
Tony Clark
Vicente Pelechano
Vinay Kulkarni
Yasemin Topaloglu
Zhenjiang Hu