Accepted Papers

Best paper

Towards a Rewriting Logic Semantics for ATL
Javier Troya and Antonio Vallecillo

Invited paper

Search Computing: a Model-Driven Perspective
Stefano Ceri

Research papers

Domain-Specific Composition of Model Deltas
Maider Azanza, Don Batory, Oscar Díaz and Salvador Trujillo

Temporal Model-Based Diagnostics Generation for HVAC Control Systems
Marion Behrens and Gregory Provan

Synthesis of OCL Pre-Conditions for Graph Transformation Rules
Jordi Cabot, Robert Clarisó, Esther Guerra and Juan de Lara

From State- to Delta-Based Bidirectional Model Transformations
Zinovy Diskin, Yingfei Xiong and Krzysztof Czarnecki

A constructive approach to testing model transformations
Camillo Fiorentini, Alberto Momigliano, Mario Ornaghi and Iman Poernomo

From Sequence Diagrams to State Machines by Graph Transformation
Roy Grønmo and Birger Møller-Pedersen

Safe Composition of Transformations
Florian Heidenreich, Jan Kopcsek and Uwe Aßmann

Towards Incremental Execution of ATL Transformations
Frédéric Jouault and Massimo Tisi

Constructing and Navigating Non-Invasive Model Decorations
Dimitrios Kolovos, Louis Rose, Nicholas Drivalos Matragkas, Richard Paige, Fiona Polack and Kiran Fernandes

Model-to-Model Transformations By Demonstration
Philip Langer, Manuel Wimmer and Gerti Kappel

Implementing Business Process Recovery Patterns through QVT Transformations
Ricardo Pérez-Castillo, Ignacio García-Rodríguez de Guzmán and Mario Piattini

Model Migration with Epsilon Flock
Louis Rose, Dimitrios Kolovos, Richard Paige and Fiona Polack

Exceptional Transformations
Eugene Syriani, Jörg Kienzle and Hans Vangheluwe

Improving Higher-Order Transformations Support in ATL
Massimo Tisi, Jordi Cabot and Frédéric Jouault

Towards a Rewriting Logic Semantics for ATL
Javier Troya and Antonio Vallecillo

Meta-model Matching Based on Planar Graph Edit Distance
Konrad Voigt and Thomas Heinze

Surviving the Heterogeneity Jungle with Composite Mapping Operators
Manuel Wimmer, Gerti Kappel, Angelika Kusel, Werner Retschitzegger, Johannes Schoenboeck and Wieland Schwinger


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Martin Gogolla

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Laurence Tratt

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Dennis Wagelaar

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Jean Bézivin
Jeff Gray
Richard Paige,
Alfonso Pierantonio
Antonio Vallecillo

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Andreas Rummler
Andreas Winter
Andy Schürr
Antonio Cicchetti
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