After the success of two previous Tracks on Model Transformation at the ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (MT 2006 at Dijon, France, and MT 2007 at Seoul, Korea), the inaugural Conference on Model Transformations, ICMT 2008, will bring together researchers and practitioners to share experiences in using model transformations. Like its predecessors, ICMT 2008 combines a strong practical focus with the theoretical approach required in any discipline that supports engineering practices.

ICMT 2008 will be held at the ETH premises in Zurich, Switzerland, on July 1-2, and will host invited talks, technical sessions, and panels. As a working conference, ICMT 2008 will foster the interactions between the participants, stimulating lively debates and discussions around the topics of interest of the conference. In addition, ICMT 2008 is co-located with two other major conferences, SEAFOOD 2008 and TOOLS Europe 2008, which allows attendees to benefit from interactions with researchers and practitioners from closely related communities.

ICMT 2008 participants will explore the practical problems of existing languages, tools, and environments for transforming models, and discuss the new challenges ahead. In particular, the conference will address questions about the nature and features of model transformations, their composability and combination to build new model transformations and implement high-level model management operations (merge, refinement, realization, union, difference and comparison). The conference will also address issues related to the classification of languages for expressing transformations, the measurement of the quality and extra-functional requirements of model transformations (e.g., scalability, robustness, adaptability, reusability), and the definition of development methodologies that allow exploiting all their potential benefits.

Call for papers (pdf)

Conference Chair
Alfonso Pierantonio
U L’Aquila (I)

Program Chairs
Antonio Vallecillo
U Málaga (ES)

Jeff Gray
U Alabama at Birmingham (USA)

Publicity Chair
Frédéric Jouault
INRIA/U Alabama at Birmingham (F/USA)